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Chris Wallis Video Production

Since Chris was a child, he was always interested in the possibilities of what video could be. Getting to use a video camera about as big as his head on early family vacations stuck with him. In high school the video camera captured many acts of adolescent rebellion. College lead him to graduate with a Bachelor's in Visual Journalism from Kent State University.

His time at Kent State instilled in him the raw power of storytelling through images. Music often tells a story and video can only help to widen its audience. Moving to Denver in 2012 and starting to work with one Sarah Megyesy inspired Chris to tell the story of the city's music. He hopes Side Pocket Images can highlight the incredible talent that lives in, breathes, and wanders through the Mile High City.

Sarah Megyesy Video Production

Sarah one day decided, "I want to tell stories and I want to do it through film". It was practically out of the blue. Prior to attending The University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) she spent most of her time playing sports in high school. Although quite the class clown weirdo in those days, no one would have ever expected her to take a turn into the arts, but it was the correct turn, indeed.

During her time in the School of Filmmaking at UNCSA she explored herself as an artist and what path to take upon graduation. There were plenty of ups and downs and turn arounds until she stepped a solid foot into documentary production and music videos. Sarah plans for her camera to take her around the world at a constant interval. She has already been lucky enough to travel to Guatemala to make a short film and tour with the band, Ark Life.


email: chris@sidepocketimages.com